I will be hosting the next 'Network 11' Peer Forum at Cubitt gallery on the 27th April. I will be reading Louis Chude-Sokei's writting "Dr Satan's Echo Chamber: Reggae, Technology and Diaspora Process " followed by a Skype Q&A conversation with Chude-Sokei. 

Louis Chude-Sokei is a Nigerian-Jamaican-American scholar and writer.  His work includes the monograph "Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber: Reggae, Technology and the Diaspora Process," the award-winning critical work "The Last Darky" and the most recent book, "The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Black Technopoetics."  He currently teaches at the University of Washington, Seattle and is Editor-In-Chief of the newly revamped The Black Scholar, one of the oldest and most influential journals of Black thought in the U.S.

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